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About Us

Passionate Marketing Experts

The name of the game in the home remodeling industry is quality lead generation. If there are no leads, there is no business. At Follow My Lead we bring our ten years experience in lead generation and customize a plan that fits your needs. Whether your business is looking to simply be more efficient or take the next step and grow, we have a plan for you. From coming up with an elaborate digital marketing campaign, to simply becoming more efficient with your appointment setting, Follow My Lead works to help your business become more efficient with your marketing dollars. Click on the tab above to schedule a free consultation today!

Our Analytical Approach

Our first objective is to listen to your needs. That is what separates us from other marketing consultants. Rather than having an already formulated plan for you, we ask the question, "What is it that your business is looking to do?" We then analyze what is working and what is not. More importantly, we find out why. After we take a look at your business, we present a solution customized for you to reach your goals. That plan can include any number of services such as a digital marketing campaign, SEO optimization, a canvassing program, home show/event training, utilizing social media, effective mailers, and so much more! There are so many ways to produce good quality leads. Let's take what has been working, cut out what hasn't,  and replace that with a customized solution that will work for your budget. 

Your Success is Our Success

You have a great product and service to offer the Chicago-land area. Let us help you get in front of more home owners, in a more efficient way, that doesn't cut into your profits. Our passion here at Follow My Lead is to help you reach your goals.